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St. Paul’s Cathedral’s herb garden is in their center courtyard. The garden runs under many of the offices windows, and I imagine that opening the windows, during the  spring and summer, brings an aromatherapy experience. Eric and I first discovered this hidden treasure, a few years back, when we journeyed to the cathedral’s fall craft show and fleamarket. This year was a bit disappointing. The Reverend Canon’s wife, is the person who heads the herbal endeavors, and she gets a vendors food license yearly, to be able to sell the jams, jellies, etc that she and others create, during this event. For some reason, she was unable to get the license this year, so there were none of the usual goodies;( But, the gardens themselves are an inspiration, and each year it is fun to compare the growth, structural additions, such as the new pea gravel under the windows. I imagine they had a a bit of roof runoff issues that the gravel is helping with. Plus, it makes for a non muddy path behind the row of plants. There is a nice, even sidewalk in the front of the garden beds. The courtyard also is home to the children’s play yard, so this lovely line of plants, if practical and beautiful.

stpaulsgarden2 stpaulsgarden3


It is a bee-autiful thing to be able to share these adventures with Eric.


Big hugs to all who visit Comfrey Cottages


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