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well here it is winter here in illinois. freezing rains, and snow tonight. yesterday i decided to check the hives, as the day was rather mild, temps. in the 40’s. well there were moisture issues with 2 of the 3 hives! note to new beekeepers, if you are starting beekeeping with used equipment, not only do you need to use a propane torch to sear all woodenware and boxes, but also to check that your beeboxes match up good and tight. i thought the little cracks in between my hive bodies would be filled with propolis by the bees before winter, but alas, they must have not got the job done completely as the recent rains had really caused watery conditions in the pink painted hive. so much that the bee cluster was in the top brood chamber instead of the bottom one where it belonged! yikes! poor little bees having to suffer through the learning process with their mum,me! well, poked in a stick and drug out the dead, mourned briefly, then got to work! took duct tape, ( any red green television fans out there?), sealed the two hive bodies of each of the three hives together with the tape, went to the back of the hives, (which already are tilted up a bit), and raised the back side even higher to drain out any remaining moisture, and then asked their forgiveness! hoping these actions will save the pink hive as it is certain it would have died out before spring left as it was.

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