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Hello everyone! The holiday times were just so busy i didn’t really have time to blog. Little grandson spent some time in the hospital, my old cat rumbley got sick, husband home on layoff, and older grands out of school… you get the idea:)

wanted to share with you a new herbal adventure i made this week. i finally had a day at home, no children and husband off doing things. i should have felt great right? strangely, i didn’t! i just felt rather at ends, out of sorts, uncentered and rather pissy about feeling that way! i remembered reading on one of kiva rose’s blog posts, about how she just loved her sage oil for those sort of times and i thought, ah ha, my sweet friend katee gifted me a bag of white sage, now is the time to do something with it!

so i got out the bag of sage, and started heating some olive oil up. added the sage and just let it steep for about an hour. in the pic you can see how dark the sage got the longer it steeped, the lighter pieces where the freshly added ones. i ended up adding some extra to the pot


this picture is how light it looked before i added it to the oil.


while it was infusing, i was amazed by the smell. very resinous, earthy and gradually i realized, i was starting to feel very grounded. like i was floating right back into my own skin! after it had infused i strained it out and had a very lovely, dark, dark amber colored oil, which smelled so different than anything i had smelled before! i rubbed some into my pulse points and wow, shortly, i was back, totally feeling normal, focused and eager to keep doing things. so the next step for me is always so second nature anymore when working with oils. whereas i adore oils, i am a bit of a klutz sometimes and find them kind of messy to deal with so i almost always make them into a salve. so added a bit of melted beeswax until i liked the consistency and now have my new grounding salve:) gorgeous color and unusual scent. it might take some getting used to for some folks. my husband came in and asked what the smell was declaring it smelled bitter and he didn’t like it. but funny thing, about an hour later he more gently asked, what was that you made. i could tell the scent was working on him also. thinking this salve will be like a rescue remedy for me and i can see its applications for the children when they are very restless, argumentative, etc.

here is a picture of the finished salve. which i intend to keep handily in my purse. another great thing about salves, not as likely to leak out!


now i must include a link to the wonderful article kiva wrote about sage. she is such a wonderful writer and i suggest you check out her article on sage. there are many, many ways to enjoy and benefit from sage, this story about the salve is just one example, and i thought you all might enjoy it.

to celebrate the new year and to made amends for being absent for so long, i would like to offer one of these salves as a giveaway. just leave me a comment and i will draw a name next friday:)

herbal and honey hugs to all who visit comfrey cottages:)

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