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Fig Poultices for Breast Health
jessica and katee, i hope you both see this:)

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the harvester

I have read this book yearly whenever i am in a sweet mood it seems. the harvester by gene stratton-porter is one of my most loved books. it should appeal to many of you. the central character david langston has spent his entire lfe in the medicine wood living and harvesting with the seasons, so lots of good herbie related passages throughout. while for those who like a little romance and beauty, which again speaks to all of us with the love of nature and sweet innocent love. david has spent his life studying and cultivating herbs and plants and sells them to hospitals in the hopes of lessening the pain in the world. he is a noble man and this is an inspiring book, with a many love stories, interspersing and freely vining throughout the story.  the spots where we folklore and fairy lovers will smile are in passages such as this

“the harvester broke from a tree a large fan-shaped fungus, the surface satin fine, the base mossy, and explained to the girl that these were the ballrooms of the woods, the floors on which the little people dance in the moon light at their great celebrations. the he added a piece of woolly dog moss, showing her how each separate spine was like a perfect little evergreen tree. that is spine where the fairies get their christmas pines, he explained.

do you honestly believe in fairies?

surely! who would tell me when the maples are dripping sap, and the mushrooms springing up, if the fairies didn’t whisper in the night?….”

here is a nice link about the author

so go out and find a copy of the harvester! i am sure it is reasonable at amazon and also through library loan systems. go on, i dare you not to fall in love with david langston also!lol

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white aster aster

so yesterday i played nanny/granny to dylan all day. at 3 we went to meet lily and evan, and breven and brodie, as dylan had not seen them for awhile. after letting them all play awhile,  i brought dylan to his house and lily came home with me for for some private mama time. when i brought her home around 6 i was itching to be outside some more. lily and i had worked on closing up most of the ventilation holes on the hives and blocking the wind from the underneath sides. it has been getting so cool at nite. well, i decided to just drive out west of town and see what i could see. i soon spied some lovely native aster growing. now the bees LOVE asters, and i thought cool, think i will stop and dig some up to transplant. so i get out and get my shovel (i always carry a shovel lol)  and was happily digging an aster up, when a county police car pulls up behind me with his lights on! he gets out and asks me what i am doing. i tell him i am digging up a native aster. he looks at me weird, talks in his shoulder microphone and then asks me again what i am doing, but this time with a look of confusion. i say”i am digging up a native aster to transplant into my yard. i am a beekeeper and i just thought i would bring my bees home a present as they love asters.” he still looks a bit confused, but talks in his shoulder mic again and then says, well for me to be careful as it is a busy road, and he gets in his cruiser and departs! afterwards, while driving back to town it occured to me why he had shown up lights ablazing…. without thinking about it i had chose to go digging within site of the guard towers of our local prison! i wonder if they thought i was going to dig a tunnel?! lol hmmmm wonder what they will think tomorrow when my friend val and i go just a bit further up that hill to harvest sunchokes!!!lol

big herbal and honey hugs to all who visit comfrey cottages!

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this is rumbley checking it out,


wisteria and earl were interested too…


patrick star snagged a leaf to roll on….


as did rose marie…


but she was soon joined by dandelion, violet joy and earl….


she tried to escape to the bed with it, but hyacinth bouquet followed her…


then hyacinth went to check out violet joys leaf.

if you guessed catnip, you would be right!!lol the one really great thing about all the rains and cooler temps as i have been able to get numerous cuttings from some of the herbs! i adore using catnip for the children and myself and as you can see, it meets with the kitties approval also!!

big herbal and honey hugs to all who visit comfrey cottages!

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i had to hold this jar of st johns wort oil up to the light to show you its wonderful red color! for the first few days it really just looked a kind of ugly darkish color, but i have had this jar sitting out to absorb the sun and moonlight for about a week now, and suddenly, beautiful red! st johns wort oil has a place in the home medicine chest, being useful topically for bruises, strains, srapes, nerve pain and burns, soothing repairing damage. very easy to make. the fresh flowers and some of the plant leaf and stem is just cut up and put in the jar and then filled with olive oil. i just shake mine daily and it just sits out in the garden gathering the sun and moon energy! drying some also as it is a special helper for menopausal women like me. here is a lovely recipe for a tea
2 parts lemon balm
2 parts chamomile
1 part St. Johnswort
1 part red rose petals
i will probably use some of this oil in salves with my home harvested beeswax also!
hugs to all who visit comfrey cottages

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have you ever came across a wildflower, or bird, or other scene of nature and wondr to yourself what it is? well the enature fieldguide might just help! hugs 🙂

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