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Water, alcohols,vinegar, honey and oils are the menstrums I will be using. Good thing Eric and I just harvested some honey and made vinegar! I have made an infusion in my teapot, to enjoy while working.  Good thing I made it in the bigger pot this time, as my friend Val stopped in while in the middle of all this:)

I am working on different fomentation, ointments and poultices. I chose to try lavender essential oil for a cool fomentation on the back of my neck for a bit of tension and headache-yness I have been having. I could feel the muscles relax and calm down as the herbal constituents permeated my skin. A different kind of calm from simply inhaling lavender! This was a muscle and nerve ending kind of calming:)

For my ointment I used some comfrey oil I had previously infused, some of our own beeswax and followed my lessons formula and directions.


I hope when you click on the picture and it enlarges, the beautiful green vibrancy of the comfrey oil is evident to you:)



Of course, I had to set the stage for the these herbal preparations by assembling my recipes I would be working on. See that cute little felt heart hanging from the cabinet door? My sweet friend Rita made that for me and it is a lovely herbal sachet:) So nice to use a clothespin to hold a recipe I am working on:) Each time I clip the pin, scent is released:) The other little hive thing was actually suppose to be a picture display piece, but I find it handy to hold the herbal recipe queue.



I adore my cast iron melting pot by Lodge, for melting beeswax and working with warming oils. It does retain heat though, and in order to get on with it, I poured the melted beeswax and comfrey oil warm mixture into another pan, to cool enough to be whipped up and then lavender essential oil added it to it.


I like the consistency of the final product and think the comfrey and lavender will work well together for the purpose of this ointment! When finished, I include these recipes in my little recipe box.


While I was busy in the kitchen apothecary anyway, I made the Varicose Vein Spray I had in the remedy making queue:)



Yikes, I need to get in the habit of always including the botanical names of the herbs, as well as these common names! I will make a new label for this while working on the other labels I need to make tonight!

Big hugs to all who visit Comfrey Cottages

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Learning about Yarrow

the children and i are exploring yarrow this month. learning so many new things thanks to several sources. i have to give a shout out to kristine brown and her herbal series herbal roots, which is sold as a printable pdf file for just $6!! so far this year, we have enjoyed exploring marshmallow, chickweed, violet, dandelion, plantain and now yarrow! i have to encourage everyone to check out herbal roots. the file is just gorgeous with everything created and illustrated gorgeously by kristine. every month we enjoy legend and lore, crafts, recipes for herbal tinctures, salves etc. or even some recipes to eat! there are crafts, puzzles, crosswords, and so much to do packed into each lesson. i have to say this is just such an awesome product anyone, whether seasoned herbalist, beginning herbalist, gardner, lore lover or teacher of children will love herbal roots. here is a link to the page with info on yarrow and how to order herbal roots!

this link has a great article about yarrow from susan weed. it explains the differences between the yellow, white and red yarrow. both susan and kristine explain about using yarrow as a bug repellant. kristine”s herbal roots gives the recipe.
this lin is for another article in which susan talks about yarrow

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