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Today finds me in my home apothecary.  I started by making a Muscle Injury Ointment recipe.


It was nice to be able to go to my herbal oil cabinet and see that I had made, this last season, from either wild crafted or home grown herbs, the three oils I would need. Plantain, Comfrey and St. John’s Wort. I had also, previously poured some of our own melted beeswax into little molds that each end up being the perfect amount for this particular recipe, 1 tablespoon.


So I melted the beeswax and then added the three oils, in the given amounts, into my little cast iron pan.


After the melted beeswax and the 3 oils were mixed together well, it was time to remove the pan from the heat and let it cool down. Then a small whisk was used on the mixture and lavendar essential oil was added and it was re-whisked and put into containers and labeled.

The next recipe I made was one for both a sunscreen and a burn ointment. This recipe calls for using only one oil. St. John’s wort oil infused in sunflower oil. I learned that sunflower pressed oil and shea butter are the highest plants in natural spf’s! So in this recipe, was made using shea butter instead of beeswax. The same method as above was used. I melted the shea butter, added the oil, cooled and whipped with lavender essential oil.




I ended up using 3 tablespoons of the shea butter, to get the consistency I wanted, and putting the pan in the freezer for a few minutes to hurry up the setting up process before I whipped it.


This is my herbal first aid kit, with the additions of the two new ointments and a thermometer.


I started 6 new tincture extractions,  Chamomile, Fennel, Burdock, Yellow dock, Catnip and Elderflower. Again, from herbs I either grew or wild crafted last season:)


When these tinctures are finished I will be making some more recipes and bottling some of them as is, to include in the kit. This is a work in progress, so stayed tuned for more additions to the kit:)

The ethno-botanical books are just lovely and I am so thrilled to have them


Very happy to have received Maude Grieve’s, A Modern Herbal. I refer to the online site constantly, so excited to have it in book form:)


Well, that is what is happening at Comfrey Cottages today! Big herbal and honey hugs to all who visit!

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