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well i did a brief check on the hives today. last weekend i gave the new hive, the pink one, its first honey super, and the yellow last year hive its second. the pink hive hasn’t done much in theirs yet, but the yellow hive was pretty busy. no capped honey yet, though, so there is pleanty of time to put a third honey super on it.
i have a gift for you all. gerry at the global swarming honeybee blog has posted this link to some awesome bee pictures from around the world. browse the bees by topics such a queen, honey, apiculture at that link, and visit bees and bee keeper/honey gatherers at this link.
my friend at midwest green blog, and i were talking about bees and gardening and we both have alot on our plates anyway, and are both trying to live our lives as organically as we can. she came up with a cute phrase, benign neglect. neither one of us do things like pull up creeping charlie till he becomes too big of a pest, figuring he is a living mulch to keep tender plants warm and to help seeds germinate in the spring. and neither of us want to interfer too much with our bees lives. that is why this morning isn’t too exciting to tell you about my inspection. i am not keeping bees for monetary gain. i just like bees and it is nice if i can get a bit of honey for family use and maybe a few gifts. so all i did this morning is smoke them slightly, take off their roofs and gently pull a few frames up a bit, just to make sure they still had plenty of work to do on the honey supers they have. then i just closed them up and left them be. i don’t see the sense in me taking their houses apart and breaking into their most sacred areas, the brood chamber aka bee nursery, unless i really suspect a problem. i know i would take affront to a giant going in my nursery! bees have been about the business of being bees for eons and i really like that phrase “benign neglect”. just a peek weekly and let them be bees! you know, i really don’t want a swarm as it delays honey production by a month or so, but even swarms are useful and i give them my blessing if they choose to do so. swarms take the old bee with them, and alot of mites and other nasties too and gives a hive a new start, in a way, with a fresh queen and young blood so to speak. in the meantime, the most i need to do is to watch to see if they are filling their honey supers, or if they need another one and let them be! that is why we are so blessed to live in an age when we have access to the sites that gerry posted. we can see the intricacies that go on in the dark of the hive without having to stir up our own bees!lol big hugs to all who visit comfrey cottages 🙂

oh, btw, the little guy in the pic is my oldest son jesse’s boy colin. he is showing off his very own first pet (the family has 3 cats and 2 dogs). meet bob (in honor of sponge bob) the beta! lol

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the kids had a great time at dickson mounds museum today. they especially enjoyed making their own indian village at the childrens interactive room. they had the coolest wooden figures to add. canoes, people, fires, beavers, tanning racks, just all sorts of cool pieces!

they even got a few presents from the gift shop so evan was transformed into chief seattle, taylor became sacagawea and lily became pocohontas!

well, i then brought the little indians to see the new disney/pixar movie Up and it was cute!
i wasn’t overly enamored by the commercials for it (evan though i adore a good animated film), but i ended up really enjoying it also! the kids thought it was awesome and last i saw them today they were combining the explorer theme from the movie with the indian theme and had a cool camp site in their backyard!!lol
hugs to all who visit comfrey cottages

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Whole Lotta Love!

there was a whole lot of love flying around yesterday when the cousins got together at the park. this pic is so cool. from left to right you can see dylan looking at me while petting ariana’s head, lily holding him but looking at ariana, taylor holding ariana, my arm around taylor and lily, and then evan looking after colin! i felt so blessed!

just getting around to a project for this summer. evan, lily and taylor are ready to start their own
herb gardens. we have chosen catnips, chamomile
(otherwise known as flower tea with the kids),
chives (dubbed hotgrass) to start with. will post
pics as we get each area dug and planted!

today dylan and taylors other grandma has them, but evan, lily and i are going to go get taylor and visit our local native american museum Dickson Mounds .
these older kids deserve a cool fun day where they don’t have to help watch little ones, as much as grandma does! In the afternoon we are going to the matinee and see the movie UP.
these three older kids are learning to be responsible not only for themselves, but the welfare of the younger kids, and our group as a whole. i am very proud of taylor and evan especially as they really help me out and are very responsible!
hugs to all who visit comfrey cottages

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I Spy Something Pink!

well steph at stephs cup of tea blog, has inspired us with the color pink for this week! thanks steph for inspiring us to appreciate the colors around us. in a bit of a rush so hopped over to my photobucket and grabbed some pinks to share with you. you will see granddaughter addison in her pink outfit from last weeks tumbling recital, lily sports a pink environmental shirt and hat and several pink flowers in the gardens! if i had more time just now i am sure i have lots more pink as it is one of our favorite colors that make us smile anytime. our family has always had alot of more boys born in it than girls so our girls are extra special and we revel in pink!! hugs to all

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I Spy Something Tea Green!

thanks to steph at stephs’ cup of tea, this weeks color fun is green! i love green soooo much ! this pic is of my little water spot in the gardens and it has lots of greens. daylilies, soapwort, self heal, valerian, spiderwort,dianthis, violets, flax,cattails,sedum, and bugleweed are all in this pic.

this spring has seemed exceptionally hard to find time to get the gardens ready. in between all the rains, cold temps, family obligations etc. i just got the whole thing weeded last weekend!! creeping charlie had moved into every bed! lol got some tomatoes, eggplants, basils, rosemary, more thyme, more strawberries, green peppers, cilantro, scarlet runner beans, and other things planted then too. i think i spent 22 hours of a 48 hour period working full tilt and wow, my back, feet and hands knew it monday!lol

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i have so many blessings daily with these kids! today lily, dylan and i went to Lakeland Park, here in our town, and we saw so many cool things. lily spotted a little robin that had just fledged, the baby geese are out running around and we even waded in the lake! it is in the 80’s here so wow, did that cold water feel good! when we got back home i went inside to change the baby and i heard lily holler in the door, “grandma, your lunch is ready!” when i went outside lily had set us up with each a “plate” of wild plants!lol she had taken maple leaves and used them like someone else might some lettuce and then layered dandelions, clover and geranium flowers on them! how cute is that?! to give you a little background, lily, her mom and i are all vegetarians. i even pack lily’s school lunches as they don’t offer alternatives at school for veggies 😦 so she has been raised with wild foraging foods, and other edibles that most kids have never even imagined. i mean, her favorite book is a wild foraging guide!lol she will flip through the pages and name off things and grab her little belly and say “my love that!!!”, when she sees something we have ate together before. so my special lunch was quite a treat today!

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This week steph at steph’s cup of tea has inspired us with the color yellow. well i see some yellow in the wild mustards right now and some folks have yellow iris in their yards, but my yellow to share is a picture of my granddaughter lily, in her graduation cap! she just graduated from little learners pre school class. she will be a big kindergartener next year! going to break my heart when she starts. her preschool was only for a couple hours a day and i am going to miss her soooo much when she is gone all day at school!

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